Olympic 0319

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This month’s Olympic distance swim workout is 3,100 yards. This is a good active recovery workout - set your intervals so they should all be easy to make.

300 yards – freestyle warm up.

300 yards – put on fins. 6 x 50 yards. Kick for 25 yards on your left side and 25 yards on your right side. Interval is 1:00.

2,000 yards – 200 yards freestyle, 3 x 100 yards. Repeat this for a total of 4 times through. I did the 200’s on an easy interval of 3:00. Do the 100’s as 75 freestyle swim, 25 IM stroke. Thus, the 1st 100 ends with butterfly, the 2nd 100 ends with backstroke, the 3rd 100 ends with breaststroke. I swam these 100’s on an easy interval of 1:40.

300 yards – put on pull buoy and paddles. Breathing pattern of 3,5,7 by 100’s.

200 yards – freestyle warm down.