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$20 is the rental fee for a 2 week rental period.

There $70 Deposit to be credited back to you if the suit is undamaged and returned on time. The prepaid suit can be picked up at Hi-Tech Bikes, please bring photo ID and your current TCSD Membership card.

Sizes Available:

Volt    sleeveless    : WMS (2), WL (1), L (1)
Vortex sleeveless: S (3)
Vortex full: WMS (1),  XS (1), M (3), L (3); WS (1), WMS (1), WM (2), WL (BackOrdered), WXL (1)
Vector Pro full: S (1), MLO (1), XL (2)

Checkout the XTERRA WETSUITS Sizing Chart (We've discontinued the Men's MSH, due to the insignificant difference to the Men's Medium)