TCSD Cycling

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The Triathlon Club of San Diego does a lot of cycling. Whether it's going up and down the coast, through the rolling inland hills, or up Mt. Palomar, San Diego has all types of terrain. TCSD's cycling program is composed of two parts. The first is a weekly coached bike workout during the Spring, Summer, and Fall. The bike workouts let you work on speed, cadence, and technique. Most of the bike workouts take place on Fiesta Island so you don't have to worry about stop signs or crossing traffic. Workouts are at 6:00pm on Wednesdays and last for about and hour and a half. Once a month the workout consists of hill repeats that take place on Mt. Soledad or Torrey Pines.

In addition to the coached workouts, there are quite a few weekly rides. Our Saturday ride meets at the Starbucks in Del Mar at 8:00am and goes from 30-40 miles. The terrain is flat to moderately hilly. This workout often splits into separate groups depending on speed. On Sunday there's a "nobody left behind" beginners ride that uses the bike path along the 56 freeway. The ride meets at 8:00am at the Bank of California parking on El Camino Real (just south of the 56 interchange).

You must wear a helmet at all TCSD bike workouts.