Ironman 0223

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Today’s Ironman distance swim workout is 4,000 yards.

400 yards – freestyle warm up.

500 yards – with fins. 10 x 50 yards as 25 kick, 25 stroke/drill. The odds are freestyle. The evens are your choice of stroke other than freestyle (don’t do breast stroke with fins).

1,200 yards – 6 x 200 yards. The odds are freestyle. The evens are anything, but freestyle. Do these on 5-10 seconds rest. Build your speed throughout each 200 so you are very fast for the final 50 of the 200.

50 yards – easy freestyle.

1,000 yards – 10 x 100 yards freestyle TIP (tightest interval possible.) Select an interval that you can make for all 10, but barely make because you need to make these fast. I used 1:20 and I consistently got about 2 seconds rest. You want to do this set with a solid, sustained and consistent effort with minimal rest.

50 yards – easy freestyle.

500 yards – put on pull buoy and paddles. 3,5,7,3,7 breathing pattern by 100’s.

300 yards – freestyle warm down.